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Does the LCQ expire?

No, however when there is a major change in the law around the sale and supply of alcohol it is likely that the LCQ will be updated to reflect the new law. This last happened in 2012 with the introduction of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012. Anyone who had received the LCQ prior to 2012 don't lose their LCQ Certificate however they may be required to either do the new LCQ or do the LCQ bridging test.

I've lost my LCQ Certificate, where can I get another copy?

You will need to request a copy from ServiceIQ - 0800 863 693 (fees may apply).

How long does it take for my LCQ Certificate to arrive?

ServiceIQ issue all LCQ Certificates, the time it takes before you receive your certificate varies depending on their processing times. If you haven't received your certificate within 3 weeks of when you passed the exam please contact us on 0800 227 872 or ServiceIQ directly on 0800 863 693. The most common reason for delay is incorrect mailing address so please ensure your address is a valid postal address when you complete the ServiceIQ LCQ Form provided at the course.

My name is incorrect on my LCQ Certificate, how did this happen and how do I get it changed?

Errors with the name on the certificate happen for a number of reasons. The name recorded by ServiceIQ is the name on the NZQA Record of Acheivement for the person. This may not be correct as the name may have been changed since the NZQA record was created by marriage, divorce, or by deed poll. You can check your record by visiting the NZQA website student results page - - you will need to register the first time to be able to access your record. Where someone hasn't had a NZQA record prior to the LCQ course, we create one for them upon succesful completion of the course. The name we enter is taken from the NZQA Hook On form completed at the course so please ensure you write your name clearly and correctly (your full legal name) on the form. To get the name changed you will need to contact ServiceIQ and request a reprint (fees may apply).

How do I get a Manager's Certificate?

To get a Manager's Certificate you need to complete and submit the relevant application form available from the Territorial Authority (Council) to the DLC for the region where the premises is located. To meet the criteria to be able to get a Manager's Certificate you need to have the LCQ, be over 20 years old, have no relevant criminal convictions, have experience working in a licenced premise, be currently working in a licenced premises, and be a suitable person. You will learn all about this process by either purchasing a copy of The Managers Guide to the Sale and Supply of Alcohol or by attending one of our LCQ courses which includes a section on the application process and criteria.

I don't currently work in a licenced premise can I get a Manager's Certificate?

No, your application for a Manager's Certificate will not be approved unless you are working (paid or as a volunteer) at a licenced premise at the time of the application.

If I can't get a Manager's Certificate why should I get the LCQ?

Many people have acheived the LCQ who aren't Managers. The LCQ is a valuable qualification for anyone working, or looking for work, at a licenced premises as it provides a good understanding of the laws around the sale and supply of alcohol and host responsibility. Many employers are looking for new staff who already have the qualification as it provides them with a level of comfort that the job applicant already has had training on this critical area of their business. 

I have had criminal convictions in the past, how will this affect my application for a Manager's Certificate?

Some convictions are considered relevant and will result in your application being declined. Some convictions will be relevant but occured so long ago that they aren't taken into consideration. Generally any alcohol or drug related convictions will be considered relevant (including driving under the influence). Other types of convictions will be considered relevant and the DLC's will each have their own policies and requirements regarding this issue which they take into account when considering your application. To find out if your previous conviction will impact on your application for a Manager's Certificate before you apply contact the local Licensing Inspector and discuss the issue with them - they are usually happy to do this on an anonymous basis. 


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